2020 Schedule

We had to change our 2020 schedule in March due to the lockdown, we moved to online meetings and talks and adjusted our activities to suit the change in circumstances.  These are the events we ran – once a week without fail, with ten to fifteen members attending the zoom meetings each week:

• Still Life Project
• ‘Faces’ Competition
• Scavenger Hunt – members given topic to study and present 3 – 10 images of
• Water theme – DVCC bought instructional videos to share with the members to provide inspiration and learning regarding photographing different ‘water’ scenarios
• Study of ‘Isolation’
• Celebratory images for V.E. Day
• Tutorials, then member project learning/using the ‘Harris Shutter Effect’.
• Using Colour Theory – tutorial, then homework project
• Cloning (using Photoshop) – tutorial, then homework project
• Images starting with the letter ‘B’
• Guess what it is? Opportunity for fun macro/close-up detail photography
• ‘Out of Bounds’ images – tutorial then homework project for producing an image which appears to be ‘stepping out of a box/frame’.
• Lecture by photographer Janey Lazenby – on using textures to improve images
• Biographical journeys – members photography journeys celebrated
• Homework session – using textures
• Flowers in Ice project
• My Kit Bag – what is the favourite kit and how do you use it?
• Travel
• Backyard Safari
• Lecture: Portraits, with photographer Gary Hill
• Double Exposures – in camera and using Photoshop. Tutorial and later homework project
• Fireworks! And Light Painting
• Lecture by Photographer : Chris Upton
• Learning a new function/feature of our camera
• Portraits @ Home (people in your bubble/ posties/ family/ pets)

As can be seen, our programme is varied and different. It is based entirely around actively improving our photography, and based on our members’ suggestions and ideas.
There is no pressure to input work into any of these projects, but we do find that most of our members do respond, because the exercise is so positive; with feedback being given that is caring and positive.