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BPG members have for some time now been asking about when the BPG will next meet. The group used to meet at the music rooms in Barnsley for indoor get togethers and occasionally out and about for photographic opportunities.

The BPG has always had an ethos of supporting local groups and charity organisations with the provision of free photographic services in exchange for exclusive access to events. (YCC, Coalfields, and Barnsley Hospice being a few), sadly these all stopped just as covid hit the UK.

Since the last get together in April 2019 when the group had a photoshoot with Jess Jones at the studio of one of the BPG members things have fallen quiet.

We are pleased to now confirm that the BPG have created a new association with the Dearne Valley Camera Club (DVCC) - a long standing club since 1951 and with a solid financial and organisational structure in place and regular meetings. The Club is affiliated with the Yorkshire Photographic Union and has all the required insurances, and legal practices in place.


In the last couple of years the DVCC has put in place a new inclusive committee structure and enhanced it's approach of volunteering in the community, offering their photographic expertise and experience in support of local groups large and small. Their mission statement is to provide a positive environment in which members can develop and share photographic skills in a friendly and supportive environment. The 2020 pandemic saw the adoption of online meetings for the club for the first time, and the creation of an extensive online website with facilities and resources for members. These changes have been a great success, and as a result a mix of online and in person meetings will continue going forward. (some new members find the online meeting less intimidating until they get to know people too). 

It became clear the the ethos of BPG and DVCC are so well aligned that a link up of the two was the logical way forward. So BPG members seeking more than just the facebook page are encouraged to join DVCC - and we have special deal too if you sign up by the 10th September - saving you 18% on the first year by offering 14 months for the price of 12.

Not sure? - Join DVCC for two meetings and say hi. The following are coming up:

Wednesday 1st September : Out and about at Manvers Lakes - walk/wildlife/nature/Landscape shoot. & Low Light tutorial.

Wednesday 8th September : Exclusive access to Stainbrough Castle Folly at Wentworth Castle Gardens (closed to the public while we are there doing some model shots. )