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A Taste of Africa

Thursday 10th November 2022

Tonight, members were on zoom with a photographic presentation by Scott Hurd.

Scott is a Living and Working Professional Photographer in Namibia. Originally from Northeast Derbyshire along with his wife Judy moved to Otjiwarongo, a small town in the African bush, a totally different world. The open spaces, wildlife and people were what initially drew him to the area.

From local people to Wildlife, weddings, and presidents the presentation was varied and interesting, giving a geographical account of where the pictures were taken.

One of only a few photographers in Namibia Scott can find himself shooting a tribal wedding one day, camped out in the desert the next, training anti-poaching units out in the bush, photographing Wild Horses, or working with rescued pangolins. One of his most unexpected projects has been to document the construction of a brand new mine, from virgin bush to the first gold bar.

His knowledge of African wildlife has enabled his images to spearhead major conservation campaigns and be used in public actions worldwide. This is what his talks, from the edge of the oldest desert in world, are based on. The content of Scott's presentation is as diverse as the Namibian people, the wildlife, and the land itself. Camera techniques in these vastly different, sometimes arduous, and often extreme conditions are also covered. A thoroughly enjoyable photographic experience.

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Rhiannon Rees
Rhiannon Rees
12 nov 2022

Sorry I missed this as looks very interesting. I love how the eyes shine out in the photograph of the woman. I was away and was being treated to what my host enjoyed so it wouldn’t have been popular to say I have my own hobby activity. ❤️

Me gusta
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