Club Visit to St Wilfrid's Church at Hickleton

St Wilfrid's Church is dated to 1150 - being built in the Norman period, but it is believed that there was a Saxon church on this site before this. It had to be restored and saved when a fault underground caused the building to lean, dangerously, in the 1940s, and it has been lovingly restored.

This church is set in a particularly peaceful churchyard, surrounded by ancient trees and elevated above the busy Doncaster Road. Fourteen members enjoyed photographing the interior from 6 pm to 8.30 pm, then we walked the churchyard and photographed the exterior.

There are three skulls (two real and one stone) in the arched entrance to the churchyard. Local legend says they were sheep rustlers, hanged at High Melton - but the truth is more likely that Lord Halifax acquired them to illustrate his warning sentiment: "Today me - tomorrow Thee".

It was a lovely, warm and peaceful evening, with members finding quiet time to sit and chat as well as walk and click.

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