Moving forward beyond COVID

Updated: May 4, 2021

The Covid Pandemic hit all social clubs hard, and camera clubs across the country closed their doors. DVCC (Dearne Valley Camera Club) did some hard work behind the scenes to keep the Club running which due to Covid has been complex and a huge learning curve for everyone involved.

The club’s previous season was cut short last March but the committee didn’t miss a beat, setting up Zoom meetings almost immediately.

The club had to come up with ideas for meetings that would work online and their hard work has paid off. Club and committee members generously offered to fill evenings with talks, tutorials and fun projects and our thanks go to everyone who kept the club going at such an anxious and worrying time.

Not only did the club not miss any meetings, but during the summer when meetings usually break for a while, they continued right through until Christmas with extra projects and talks.

A temporary Facebook space was created which has now been replaced by a whole new website for members. We have during this time gained a number of new members with our online meetings, some of whom are not local to the area.

Looking to the future the Committee has recently agreed to re-structure the membership into 3 options

​A) an online club offering - running mostly through the winter months

​B) an in-person offering - with a summer schedule of indoor and outside activities

​C) full membership with access to both.

Whichever members ​choose they will have access to the new website where resources such as tutorials, videos and other learning materials can be accessed, as well as information on competitions, meetings and photography projects.

The club is now looking to move to the next phase of its 70-year history with a more modem look, and positive outlook for the future. The aim is to attract new members of all ages and grow our membership both locally and Nationally.

Membership options :

Winter online membership £35/season

Summer in-person membership £35/season

Full membership of both £50/full year (all seasons)

If you like the sound of our friendly and forward thinking camera club please use the contact us link at the top of the page and our general secretary will give you all the details - you can join us for a couple of trial meetings for free.

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