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My journey into the world of macro photography

Thursday 17th November 2022

Tonight's presentation by club member Ken Morris gave us a look at his journey into macro photography. From retiring in January 2020 picking up a camera and fully expecting to be shooting wonderful wildlife and scenic landscapes, before getting a chance to get the camera out of the box, in March 2020 covid hit.

Not being able to go out, Ken turned to his garden for inspiration and the results, although not fantastic at first, are now proving worthwhile.

Ken describes his images truthfully, the painstaking number of images taken to get that perfect one.

Ken goes into detail about his equipment, from beginning with £20 close-up filters to £50 extension tubes through to purchasing his first macro lens to his now go to favourite lens the Nikon AF-S 60mm f/2.8 micro lens.

Ken also goes into detail explaining some of the tricks of the trade, especially the reversed kit Lens that you can pick up on ebay quite cheaply and learn how to set it up and what to do on you tube.

A fascinating presentation with a lot of excellent images, the way Ken delivers you can tell immediately he has a passion. Thank You Ken for a truly inspiring presentation.

See some more of Kens images below,


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