YPU Sucess for DVCC in 2021

CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYBODY in the Dearne Valley Camera Club:

  • Congrats to Gill – for suggesting that we should all get involved in the 2021 YPU Exhibition.

  • Congrats to the Committee for agreeing to pay for the first two submissions of any member.

  • Congrats to the members who responded to the call to get involved.

  • Congrats to the team – yes – you - all of us – for taking an active part in the selection and appraisal meetings to support other members in choosing their images and improving them.

  • Congrats to members whose work was scored at 12 points but who just missed out from being accepted into the exhibition: Bob (for his ‘Dawn Mist’) and David (for his ‘Come to Me’).

  • Congrats to those members whose work was accepted: Gill, Jim, Julia, Ali, Andrew.

  • Congrats to Gill, Bob and Ali for their certification.

We are reliably informed that this is the best performance from DVCC in the YPU in any current member's recollection.

Currently, we are in 16th position in the table of 40 clubs and societies that took part. (Keep watching!)

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