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Hi, I'm Julia and I have been with DVCC since November 2017.

I caught the photograph bug whilst on a Photo-holiday to Morocco - to take photos of the night sky in the Sahara Desert - with tiny Panasonic Lumix Point-and-Shoot!🤔 I VERY quickly learned that there was way more to photography than I had ever realised, and willingly jumped down the rabbit hole to explore further!

In February 2019 I became the Secretary of the club, eventually bringing in positive changes to DVCC - including our involvement in Community Ventures - and am now (April, 2022) the Chair. I have a far more capable camera system now - including a Canon 300D IR conversion - which I love, and others. My favourite photography? Looking through the viewfinder with friends. Any scenario - any genre. I'm still learning, and practising and hopefully improving.😁 The excellent, committed team we have here at DVCC will continue to bring in more positivity and breadth - photographically, to ensure that DVCC, our small, friendly, family club will continue to go from strength to strength.

Julia Williams

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