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YPU 2023 Pre-submission Check list

Before you submit your images for consideration for the the YPU 2023 exhibition have you:

  • Made sure image is not wider than 1600 pixels

  • Made sure the image is not taller than 1200 pixels

  • Saved it as JPEG (.jpg)

  • Saved it in the sRGB colour space

  • Made sure your file name is not more than 32 characters long

  • Made sure your name is not included in the file name

  • Made sure the image file is not more than 1.9Mb in size

  • Added your entry form to the list of files you are up-loading

  • Made arrangement for your entry fees to be paid to DVCC 

    • £1.50 per entry, submit more than 2 and DVCC will pay for 1 of your entries​

You have!  

Great, now click on the submit button
Best of luck with your entry

Special Note: Some of these documents might automatically download to your computer

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