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Look whats coming up

These are some of the exciting things we've got planned over the summer. If you are not a member and want to come along go to the contact us page.  

In event of bad weather we will meet at Billingley Village Hall for an alternative session

a powerpoint presentation to a seated audience of photgraphers.jpg

Guest Speaker

John Gill is our guest  speaker. John recently published some of his photography works in the book "After the Coal Dust" 


Owls in flight

A visit from a local owl rescue centre  gives us the opportunity to take photographs of owls in flight and on their perch.

a powerpoint presentation to a seated audience of photgraphers.jpg

Urban Photography

A trip to Barnsley or Sheffield awaits as members develop their urban photography skills

an english village wiht a group of peopl

Village Life

More opportunities  to capture the unique spirit of South Yorkshire village life as we visit places like Hooton Pagnal,  Clayton, Wentworth and Elsecar  where local bikers offer further photographihc opportunities

a  balloon being burst by a jet of water

Macro and Balloon popping

Lets have a go at macro in the environs of Billingley Hall and Billingley Village.  Supplemented by some water balloon popping.

a studio with male and lights and photog

Portraits and Still life

Yorkshire Day, Independence Day offer opportunities for still life studies  and  chances to develop your portrait skills.  

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