Before lockdown, we began an innovative approach to volunteering in our community by offering photographic opportunities to local organisations and we intend to continue and expand this area of work with the community

Wentworth Castle Gardens

Wentworth Castle Gardens

Work with the National Trust at Wentworth Castle Gardens, where we took on the massive task of photographing their army of volunteers (for which we will be given access to Stafford Castle – a fabulous ‘folly’ in the gardens which will provide us with a fantastic portraits opportunity (once Covid is beaten).

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Working to support the Dearne Valley Community Arts Festival


DVCC will provide photography services to capture their annual event, and also be there to show attendees what the Club get up to and encourage more people to join us.

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Monk Bretton Priory

DVCC is supporting the Friends of Monk Bretton Priory.


DVCC will provide advertisement images and event photography for display and local press. For which we receive free access to the priory for some of our out of hours photography shoots and model shoots.

Barnsley FC

Barnsley FC

Work with Barnsley Football Club – where our members were given unrivalled access to a football game to take action shots.

Lamproom Theatre Barnsley

Lamproom Theatre

On-going arrangement with the Lamproom Theatre – to take their advertisement images and portraits of their actors for display and local press. For which we receive free tickets to performances and free advertising.

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Manvers Trust and Bluebell Wood

Working with the Manvers Lake and Dearne Valley Trust to support a number of activities including supporting Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice – where our members are providing photography services and images for publicity and sponsorship.