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Thinking about entering a competition ?

How would you improve these two photos?

Competition photography is not for everyone, and the ethos of the camera club is that you enjoy your photography and that if you wish to you develop your photography in the manner that you are happy with.  For some of us  this is about asking a friend or mentor for help:  "how do i do this?"; "how did you create that effect";  "what did you use to create the  venetian blind effect" ...   Some of us can be reticent to critique a co-members photograph and some of use welcome the views of a "stranger".
We have to be clear, some competition judges are supportive in their feedback and some are more - how shall we say this - fussy.  As a club we prefer the former style of critique.   Above all we strive to remember that a critique of a photograph is "that person's opinion, which may not be in accord with another person's opinion, and may not be in accord with yours. Perhaps the critique will act to remind you of those things you knew about but in the heat of the moment forgot ...  sloping lakes, rule of thirds, telegraph poles coming out of someone's head, over exposed areas, camera shake ... 
What counts is what you think of your photograph and that you enjoy your photography.

On this page will be links to formal competitions, like YPU and internal club members only critiques. It is hoped that when we have critique nights by you considering the critiques offered you might be able to consider if they are valuable to you and incorporate them in your photographs

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